Becoming an owner-shareholder of the Dublin Food Co-op.

When you consent to become a member of the Dublin Food Co-op, you are becoming an owner and shareholder in the Dublin Food Co-operative Society Limited, and you agree that you assume all the rights and responsibilities that this entails.

Our Co-op is governed by its governing document which we refer to as ‘our Constitution’.

The key rights associated with membership are access to and participation at our General Meetings, the right to elect our Co-ordinating Body and access to member benefits (like discounts and special orders).

The key obligations are to support the objectives of our Co-operative, abide by our Member Code of Conduct, and abide by the other policies and rules that we, as members, adopt at our General Meetings or are developed by our elected Co-ordinating Body.

We encourage all prospective members to read our Constitution, the latest version of which was amended by members in July 2019.

We encourage all members to familiarise themselves with the Member Code of Conduct which is available below.

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